One of the most dangerous jobs a person can have is construction. Construction accidents are especially dangerous – and unfortunately common. Nobody goes to work at a construction site or walks near a construction area with the expectation of suffering a life-threatening injury.

Claims or lawsuits arising from injuries that result from construction accidents can also be especially difficult to litigate, since the involvement of multiple parties on a single construction project can make it hard to determine who is responsible for a construction accident injury.

Our lawyers at The Law Office of Michael J. Glink have years of experiences handling construction accident cases which resulted in serious or fatal injuries. If you suffer injuries on a construction site, you may face expensive medical bills, lost wages due to work, and other emotional and physical consequences, such as a disability that prevents you from working. Our lawyers are here to help you make the claim you need to recover from those injuries. Call 312-523-2002 for your free consultation.