Under the law, property owners have a duty to make their property safe for everyone legally entitled to enter. Despite this duty, every year, many are injured as a result of slip and falls on someone else’s property. Unfortunately, most lawyers shy away from cases involving these types of accidents due to their complexity. However, the lawyers of The Law Office of Michael J. Glink have been successful in obtaining results for trips, slips and falls in various locations including:

  • parking lots
  • shopping malls
  • private businesses
  • sidewalks/streets
  • apartment/condominium complexes
  • restaurants
  • stairways
  • bars/clubs
  • grocery stores

Our skilled premises liability lawyers have the knowledge and resources to get our clients’ maximum compensation by obtaining all evidence related to the accident, preserving surveillance footage, and contacting eye witnesses. Our attorneys are well versed in Illinois premises liability laws. The attorneys at The Law Office of Michael J. Glink will analyze each claim, investigate the accident, and where necessary, file a premises liability civil suit to recover for the client’s loss as a result of the accident. If you need to speak with an attorney who specializes in premises liability litigation, we are available for free consultation. Contact our attorneys at 312-523-2002 for legal aid in your premises liability case.